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About me & my work

Hello, I am Liane Cooper I am a designer, web developer and marketer who specialises in helping businesses and individuals connect to their customers. I make sure brands Look Good Online to Build Their Authority by showing them that their website is their 24 x 7 Salesman. With my widespread knowledge, I use my experience to build winning first impressions of profiles and businesses online in a fast-paced economy where your customer has little to no time when landing on your website.

I draw on my knowledge as an interior designer from working on commercial interior design and 7 personal home renovation projects, I make sure the aesthetic and first impressions of your website appeals to your target market. With images that stand out and represent your topic drawing in website visitors.

My experience with web development lies in my own trial and error efforts of building my own first website. After engaging several different developers to create my ideal site, none had the insight of general business to see where I wanted to go, or the combination of design and coding skills to create a visually pleasing website. So I went about gaining the knowledge to build websites and formalise my marketing and business skills with distinction qualification to deliver an all-round package.

As the internet continues to build and e-commerce platforms grow there is an ever growing need to diversify and for me that direction is Amazon.
So while I work with clients to build their online presence I am also building my own homewares brand on Amazon.


Liane Cooper

Design & Marketing

Who I help

The Australian Design & Building Industry

Companies and individuals who supply and or service the Australian design and building industry. From builders, plumbers, architects, interior designers, furniture, carpet, lighting suppliers to homewares and accessories shops the list goes on.

Entrepreneurs, Experts & Authorities

Individuals who are looking to build their profile online and create a detailed website platform to broadcast their knowledge and provide information on their chosen topic. Those who know their website works as their 24×7 salesman.

Companies who want to include Amazon

Companies who understand their customers and the way they like to shop know that they need to have their products available on many platforms. They know that Amazon is a direction they would like to go in but need help with the intricacies and logistics to make it happen.

Work with me

You’ll find me online in a few places with several different projects. You can find me where it all started on The Design Library or choose from the outlines below and click through to see more.

Design Library Marketing

Building websites with impact we help brands connect with their customers. We make our clients look good online, build their authority and speak to their customers.
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Kitchen Design 101

Kitchen Design 101 is an online ecourse that is launching soon. It teaches you everything you need to know before you step footing into a kitchen showroom, making you the expert.
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Design Library Australia

An Australian Design & Building Industry online directory – a central Library listing information from Australian companies who supply and/or service the industry.
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Design is a conversation with a situation!


My Portfolio

Design & Management, Look and Feel Design

Need help connecting to your customers?

Kitchen Design 101

Kitchen Design 101 is an ecourse I am in the process of creating that will teach renovators and kitchen dreamers everything they need to know before they step foot in a kitchen showroom or go searching online to do it themselves.

They will come armed with knowing what design style will work best in their home and add value to their property.

They will know if moving their kitchens location should be considered or when leaving it in its original location would be a better option.

They will have knowledge and answers to what cabinets, handles, bench tops, appliances, taps, sinks etc., will be a perfect choice.

They will know how to achieve a kitchen that will cater to all their requirements, so they call it a 10/10 and their friends and family will love it.

They will create a kitchen they will want to be in and a kitchen they will love.

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What They Say

Design Library Marketing – My 3 step process

I have a clear 3 step process to create an online presence and web development strategy of 1. Analyse & Review – Review your existing online presence and develop ways to improve it so that it speaks to the customer and answers their needs. 2. Design & Develop – Design an outstanding look and feel that will draw in your customer and make it intuitive for them to understand. Add functionality that assists brands to seamlessly join business software for internal growth, connectivity, reporting and flexibility. 3. Grow & Measure – Implement content marketing and comprehensive analytics to measure online efforts for business grow.


Analyse & Review


Design & Develop


Grow & Measure