About me & my work

Hello, I am Liane Cooper I am a designer, web developer and marketer who specialises in helping businesses and individuals connect to their customers. I make sure brands Look Good Online to Build Their Authority by showing them that their website is their 24 x 7 Salesman. With my widespread knowledge, I use my experience to build winning first impressions of profiles and businesses online in a fast-paced economy where your customer has little to no time when landing on your website.

I draw on my knowledge as an interior designer from working on commercial interior design and 7 personal home renovation projects, I make sure the aesthetic and first impressions of your website appeals to your target market. With images that stand out and represent your topic drawing in website visitors.

My experience with web development lies in my own trial and error efforts of building my own first website. After engaging several different developers to create my ideal site, none had the insight of general business to see where I wanted to go, or the combination of design and coding skills to create a visually pleasing website. So I went about gaining the knowledge to build websites and formalise my marketing and business skills with distinction qualification to deliver an all-round package.

As the internet continues to build and e-commerce platforms grow there is an ever growing need to diversify and for me that direction is Amazon.
So while I work with clients to build their online presence I am also building my own homewares brand on Amazon.